Sea Water Cooling


The Seawater Cooling system in Jubail is a vital utility service which provides uninterrupted supply of seawater for non-contact process cooling to the primary industries for the Jubail Industrial City.

In 2015, MaSa pumped and distributed to 28 industrial customers, more than 6.1 billion m3 of seawater drawn from the Arabian Gulf. Our team of 154 employees work around the clock to ensure that there are no interruptions in our world-class operation and maintenance system. Pump stations are located near the seashore with a total installed capacity of 346 m3 per second (29.9 million m3 per day). A distribution concrete canal (13.1 km length, 114 m width and 3 compartments) flows seawater by gravity to the customers and returns the water flow by gravity back to the sea. The Electro-chlorination Plants adjacent to the two pump stations generate Sodium Hypochlorite which is used for disinfecting the seawater pumped into the canal by continuous dosing and shock dosing in order to control marine fouling. The seawater cooling facility has recently been extended to the new Industrial City Jubail 2, by constructing a pump station and through a network of 48 km of four (4) meters diameter buried pressurized pipes.