Reclaimed Water


With two major Waste Water Treatment Plants (Industrial and Sanitary), the Reclaimed Water Business unit produces irrigation water for landscaping in Jubail community Area in accordance with the Royal Commission standards. The Industrial Plant collects 100,000 m3/day of waste water flow, from approximately 50 industrial petrochemicals customers and it uses an advanced treatment process (Fenton, Lamella clarifier) to remove the pollution.

The Sanitary Plant collects 130,000 m3/day of waste water flow from the Jubail community area and Jubail town, representing approximately 1,000,000 domestic customers, and it treats this waste water flow with biological treatment as well as an anaerobic system (Digester). The main challenges in the coming year will be the implementation of the new technologies and change management. This will increase the reliability of the plant and ensure the compliancy of the outlet discharge, in regards to the Royal Commission standards for irrigation. New projects for expansions are ongoing and will be expected to be commissioned for both plants by 2020.