Process Water


MaSa produces different types of water in order to meet customer’s specific requirements.

  • The irrigation water, which is the treated water from all wastewater plants, is used for irrigational purposes in Jubail and Yanbu.
  • The processed water used by industries is used to optimize the potable water consumption.
  • The potable water is used each day by the respective populations.

Of course, all water will be the used, within the respective regulation defined by the Royal Commission. The goal is to adjust the treatment based on the use, while assuring the quality required.

In Jubail, the supply of Industries for Process Water is guaranteed by the same Network as Potable Water. In Yanbu, there is an existing and dedicated network to supply the Process Water to the main industries.

The consumption is approximately 80,000 m3/day, with a peak flow of 100,000 m3/day, which supply’s two (2) Desalination Plants (One in Yanbu 1 with an actual capacity of 75,000 m3/day, and another in Yanbu 2 in commissioning period, with a capacity of 40,000 m3/day).

The total storage in the two (2) plants are 680,000 m3 with an obligation also for the industries to have three (3) days of internal storage. In 2016, the challenge will be to takeover the export pump station in Yanbu 2 and manage demand, with both productions (full load in Yanbu 2 and decommissioning of
some Desal Units in Yanbu 1).