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December 2019 will see the end of the first cycle of the joint venture (JV) agreement between Marafiq and SAUR. This agreement saw the establishment of MaSa which undertook the operation and maintenance of Marafiq's facilities in Jubail, Yanbu and Ras Al Khair. Our partner is eager to continue with this strategic partnership which will contribute to achieving Marafiq’s visions for years to come to complete the transformation of MaSa into a modern and competitive organization, and guarantee its ability to provide our customers with quality services at all times

Looking back at our achievements in the past eight years, MaSa has consistently applied best practice techniques in order to align with the global standards and comply with the Royal Commissions environmental regulations. MaSa also able to improve the performance and reliability of Marafiq’s facilities, with improvement in the potable water quality compliance and the water pressure in the network to our customers while reducing water losses. In the meantime, the reclaimed water network blockages and odor complaints were reduced, while increasing the effluent discharge compliance from the reclaimed water treatment sites. At the same time, the equipment reliability has increased, and the corrective and emergency maintenance activities were reduced due to the improved preventative maintenance.

Additionally, we created a modern organization with a high emphasis on technology and the use of higher-skilled Saudi employees. We established the Cockpit Performance for Operation and Maintenance (CPO) Department as comprehensive concept that integrates and customizes several technologies together in order to accelerate the company’s modernization process. CPO utilizes IT innovations to improve the O&M real-time monitoring, controlling, scheduling and communication, through the use of the latest technologies in RTU’s, central SCADA, dataloggers and smart water meters. It also provides the tools to improve O&M data collection, analysis, and digitizing the decision-making process, by using means such as Business Intelligence (BI) to improve reporting through the use of single database and user-friendly reporting platforms to build a comprehensive business intelligence corporate environment.

Furthermore, CPO brought a new organizational concept focusing on organizational effectiveness to take the organization into the next level towards excellency. This organizational concept has shaped the foundation of a specialized Water Academy (MWA) to enhance the employees’ knowledge and competences. MWA offers tailored hands-on training and theoretical courses on safety, Operations and Maintenance technical skills, reliability, automation and IT, and the English language.

In order to ensure our business continuity, MaSa has developed a crisis management readiness plan. The plan is aligned with the leading utilities’ providers, businesses, and other key players, and will ensure that we can mitigate the risks of any crises as well as maneuver through them should they occur. The plan has been shared with all stakeholders, and the awareness of our teams has been increased to ensure our readiness to manage any unforeseen events.

Looking ahead, and building on our success, we look forward to a new era of growth in Jubail, Yanbu, Ras Al Khair and across the country, and pursuing new opportunities that maximize value creation for our stakeholders, in addition to supporting the overall economy of KSA and vision 2030.

Hamad Saad Al-Suhaim
Executive General Manager


Hamad Saad Al-Suhaim

Executive General Manager


Jamaan Saeed Al Ghamdi

General Manager O&M Network


Ali Al-Qahtani

Finance Sr. Manager


Adel Turkistani

Human Resources Manager


Ali Al Shammari

QHSE Manager


Jean Noel Viot

General Manager Procurement, Performance and Reliability


Xavier Francois Nagant

General Manager O&M Plants - Jubail


Vincent Valette

General Manager O&M - Yanbu