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External Services Water Systems

MaSa a leading water service provider in Saudi Arabia is offering specialized

External Services” to uplift companies standards.

MaSa is an Operations and Maintenance Joint-Venture Company and is proud that it has leading shareholders in the water industry, namely Marafiq and Saur from France.

MaSa was founded in 2012 as the first private water organization in Saudi Arabia based in Jubail, Yanbu and recently Ras Al Khair, to serve among the largest Petro-Chemical industrial cities in the world. MaSa’s role is to operate and maintain utilities such as potable, reclaim and seawater cooling facilities.

MaSa strongly believes that through its experience it is ready to bring added value to its customers. Its core objective is to offer a wide range of cost effective O&M services. 

Saudi Arabia has an ambitious 2030 vision. This is where MaSa takes the lead as it maintains, improves and works to prolong the life of assets in order to sustain the increasing demand from the industries, commercial and residential areas. We will serve you with dedicated logistics.

MaSa owns a unique concept of Cockpit Performance Operation and Maintenance (CPO) facility, which uses world-class technology to produce state-of-the-art services in producing real time reporting and analysis to ensure the highest level of maintenance services within the water industry.

We will build specific dedicated resources on site through our local and international experiences; hence, we are running the same business on both sides of the fence. We believe that our services will build our clients self confidence on subsidiary activities.

Masa is able to perform services inside industrial customers fence in Jubail, Yanbu and Ras Al-Khair. Our range of services can be performed in our four areas of competences: Potable and Process Water, Waste Water, Sea Water Cooling Systems and Network Management.

Leak Detection

MaSa is equipped with specific tools to geo-localize underground water leakages.

  • Pre-localization
  • Acoustic Detection

Diving Activity

MaSa has its own divers services which:

  • Clean the drum screen in Sea Water cooling
  • Repairs and fixes leaks on sluice gate for canal isolation

Pipe Break Repairs

MaSa has an experienced team and tools to repair pipe breaks. Any type, including: iron ductile, cement, FRP, GPR, PVC, 24/24. Seven days a week - through our On-Call System.

Chemical Handling

Supported by our specialized laboratories and experts, MaSa can support the industries to optimize the chemical consumption on the water treatment, during the biding process or day-to-day plant operations.

Fire Hydrant

Pressure survey and maintenance of the fire hydrant.

Cleaning lagoon and/or Sludge Dewatering

MaSa is equipped with mobile units for:

  • Cleaning tanks or lagoons
  • Dewatering of sludge or sediment collected (Saving costs by reducing the volume of water disposed)
  • Disposal of hazardous sludge and sediment

O&M Services

  • MaSa can also fully operate and maintain the water assets of industry with the objective of cost optimization, improving the compliancy rate and support industry to be ready for new required standards.
  • Cost optimization: process, chemicals, power or manpower
  • Monitoring (CPO, dashboards, etc.)
  • On-Call System

Water Quality Control

  • MaSa can share its knowledge and experiences with the industries, in order to reduce the off-spec water, improve the quality of the process water if needed, and optimize the cost/m3.
  • Diagnostic by water experts (potable and waste water)
  • Process optimization proposal

Contact Us

Office location: North West Pump Station Jubail Industrial Zone—Saudi Arabia

Telephone: +966 13 342 9382

Email: External-Services@MaSa-om.com.sa