MaSa Water Academy's purpose is to nurture a continuous learning process, in which the employees acquire knowledge, enhance professional skills, as well as improve the overall attitude to excel. Our major aim is to design and implement various high quality programs for the our employees to enhance their capabilities. We also aim to extract the full potential of the MaSa Water Academy's partners to serve the MaSa employees.

The water business is considered a primary necessity, needed for the developing world. Therefore, we understand that to be the best in the business our employees must be competitive, versatile and skill oriented, with the rapid technological waves of change, employees need to stay ahead of the game.

MaSa is expanding its vision with the Kingdom's National Transformation Program 2020 and Vision 2030. As the industry grows to lay the foundation for the kingdoms largest diversification strategy, MaSa identifies a positive water demand trend into the future and intends to play a significant role within the Kingdom in providing world-class water services to meet these growing demands. Strategically the MaSa Water Academy aims to accelerate MaSa’s vision to become the preferred operator in the kingdom, were employees skills will be up-to-date and multi-tasking efficiently.

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The MaSa Water Academy will be a great provider of relevant knowledge in industrial technology based education for a global market.


The MaSa Water Academy will provide a holistic, relevant, quality and globally recognized technology and IT-based education in all levels and disciplines, with the objective of producing highly skilled manpower and leaders, harnessing their potentials in innovative manners, responsive to the needs of industrial and global market.


Our Academy's General Training Programs

  • First level of operation and maintenance
  • Pumping station operation and maintenance
  • Hydraulic level-1
  • Wastewater Process
  • Chlorine and dosing process
  • Instrumentation
  • Safety training
  • SAP training
  • Computer training
  • English language training
  • Marafiq OED-Management training
  • External training