Who we are

Marafiq and Saur O&M JV Company (MaSa) is the first private water organization in Saudi Arabia based in Jubail and Yanbu founded in 2012, to serve among the largest Petro-Chemical industrial cities in the world. MaSa’s role is to operate and maintain the Marafiq utilities such as potable, reclaim and seawater cooling facilities.

MaSa has forged its way to become one of the leading water company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through its unprecedented commitment to serve the industrial, commercial and residential areas in Jubail and Yanbu.

On average each year, MaSa supplies more than 6 billion m3 of seawater cooling to Jubail, over 167 million m3 of potable and process water distributed to Jubail and Yanbu, over 100 million m3 of industrial and sanitary waste water collected and treated in Yanbu and Jubail. MaSa uses the best international practices to develop the national economy, guarantee business continuity and prepare future development. MaSa has a responsibility in operating aging and new plants to supply the industrial and domestic needs.

MaSa maintains, improves and works to prolong the life of the assets in order to sustain the increasing demand from the industries, commercial and residential areas. MaSa is responsible for commissioning large numbers of new plants such as Jubail II and the extension of the community area, it drives the modernization plan, which means a more stringent focus on safety, reliability of assets and optimization. Furthermore, MaSa has initiated state-of-the-art technology known as Cockpit Performance Operation and Maintenance projects (CPO), which produces world-class services for its various stakeholders.

Our Vision

MaSa’s vision is to develop an innovative, model of operation and maintenance joint venture to become the preferred operator in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf Council.

Our Mission

MaSa's mission is to implement the best international operation practices in water business; support the national economy; guaranty the business continuity and competitiveness and prepare business development.